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What is nuvolaris? Nuvolaris is an easy-to-use platform that helps software developers and companies deliver business value by creating and deploying portable serverless apps in any cloud. Learn more
Documentation Nuvolaris is a distribution of Apache OpenWhisk that aims to be portable to every Kubernetes and to include a set of integrated services to make an awesome developer experiences. Learn more
Low code Builder Nuvolaris low-code builder allows the user to build a full-stack serverless application in a visual way, without actually writing code. Then, Nuvolaris developers would also be able to sell ready-made components on the Nuvolaris marketplace. Learn more
Nuvolaris is the final Serverless Framework PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES SUPPORTED
nodejs python docker
java go php ruby swift
Nuvolaris supports internal services Cache Redis, DB rqlite, Object Storage minio
Features to quick-start your next project
Portability Portability Don't want to end up in vendor lock-in with public cloud providers while moving to serverless? You are in the right place!
serverless on kubernetes Serverless on Kubernetes Nuvolaris is a serverless platform for Kubernetes. Forget about Kubernetes complexity and indulge in efortless development of cloud-native apps.
Scalability Scalability With Nuvolaris, you get the power of enterprise-ready serverless architecture at your fingertips. Try it out!