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The Story of Nuvolaris

Our path to change the serverless world.

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Our Awesome Team

Meet the heart of Nuvolaris

Michele Sciabarrà

Founder & CEO

Mirella Di Girolamo

Founder & COO

Francesco Timperi Tiberi

Co-Founder & CTO

Daniele Evangelisti


The Beginning

The story of Nuvolaris started when Michele Sciabarrà, our CEO, was looking for an open source product implementing some of the features of Amazon Lambda for Kubernetes and stumbled upon Apache OpenWhisk. After trying it out on a Windows machine, he found a small issue and quickly fixed it.
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Fix, don’t throw away

But instead of throwing it away, he contributed the fix to the project. The fix was quickly approved, which was a motivation to contribute more.Michele soon joined the project as an active contributor, by first implementing a runtime for the Go programming language, that turned out to be very fast. It was later used as a basis for the PHP runtime, following with Python, Ruby, Java, Rust and Deno runtimes.
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First steps

Michele later joined the OpenWhisk project in the Project Management Committee.
Some of the founders of the OpenWhisk project left IBM to create a startup, Nimbella, focused on building "a beautiful cloud".
Michele joined Nimbella six months after its foundation as one of the first employees and worked at the beginning as a core platform developer, then moved into business managing operations in Europe, as Nimbella Europe Manager.

Nimbella was acquired by Digital Ocean in September 2021, when Michele became Senior Developer Advocate.
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Nuvolaris is here

The business operations in Europe made it clear that there exists a market which Nimbella, as a division of Digital Ocean, could not cover.

Michele decided to leave and in 2022 founded Nuvolaris, whose name comes from "nuvola", the italian word for cloud!
And here we are: thanks to the support of many investors our Community Version was released in September 2023, while the Enterprise Version is about to arrive!
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